Fire Safety Checklist for landlords and tenants

Landlords are legally obliged to make their properties safe for tenants. They can do this by identifying and addressing fire hazards and by maintaining a fire alert system that warns tenants in the case of fire. If you’re a landlord, this checklist will help you maintain a safe property.









Smoke Alarms
Landlords are required by law to install smoke alarms in their properties. They should be installed:

– On all floors. There must be one or more long-life photoelectric smoke alarms installed on all floors of the property.
– In all bedrooms. One or more long-life photoelectric smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom or there must be          an alarm within 3 meters of all bedroom doors.
– In caravans and outside sleeping areas. One or more long-life photoelectric smoke alarms must be installed in caravans     and outside sleeping areas.

If your tenants have recently moved out, locate and test all smoke alarms before accepting new tenants. Replace batteries and alarms as needed. If your rental property does not have smoke alarms in the proper locations, make these changes before signing a new lease.

General Fire Safety

Smoke alarms are just one aspect of fire safety. The guidance below will help you maintain good general fire safety.

– Ensure the house number of the property is clearly visible to emergency vehicles on the street.

– Inspect appliances for frayed cords and replace or repair appliances as needed.

– Have any fireplaces and chimneys regularly cleaned, inspected and repaired by a professional.

– Install an adequate number of electrical sockets in the property in convenient locations to

ensure that your tenants are not forced to rely on extension cords.

– Install one or more fire extinguishers on the property and teach your tenants how to use the

fire extinguisher.

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