Meet the Team

Jason ChangSenior Portfolio Manager

Jason arrived in New Zealand in 1992 and pursued his studies at the University of Auckland, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Geography. Later, he obtained a Graduate Diploma in Real Estate studies and developed a keen interest in the field. This led him to pursue further qualifications, including his Branch Manager & AREINZ Qualification.

After working for four years as a real estate consultant with Harcourts, Jason switched to property management, where he found his true calling. Over the course of fifteen years, he honed his skills and expertise in this area. In 2016, he joined Sole Agents Property Management and currently serves as their senior portfolio manager. In this role, he is responsible for managing a vast portfolio of residential properties throughout Auckland.

Apart from work, Jason enjoys exploring new places, indulging in his passion for cooking, and playing various sports, including golf, badminton, and fishing.

Contact Jason on 022 163 5078 or Email:

Jisoo Lee – Property Manager

Dependable and dedicated property manager to oversee your valuable assets in Auckland? Look no further! We proudly present our esteemed Korean Property Manager Jisoo Lee, your trusted partner in managing, optimising, and safeguarding your real estate investments.

Clear and open communication is the cornerstone of our property manager’s approach. They value the importance of keeping you informed about every aspect of your property’s management, ensuring you’re well-informed and confident in your investment decisions.

Recognising that every property is unique, Jisoo delivers customised solutions that align with your specific goals and preferences. From tenant selection to property maintenance, his strategies are designed to maximise your property’s potential.

Contact Jisoo on 027 262 7518 or Email:

Vicky Che – Property Manager

As a hard-working and approachable individual, Vicky Che is a dedicated professional who thrives on challenges. With a commitment to honesty and integrity, she takes great pride in her ability to foster positive relationships with landlords, tenants, and team members alike. Vicky is known for providing exceptional customer service and upholding her responsibilities to tenants with utmost seriousness. Her strong organisational skills enable her to efficiently manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring seamless execution and successful outcomes.

Contact Vicky on 022 342 7996 or email:

Sisi Liu – Accounts & Marketing

Sisi Liu is a dedicated property management assistant specialising in accounts an marketing.

With a strong background in marketing and management, Sisi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients.

Having graduated from Massey University with a major in marketing in management, Sisi has acquired a comprehensive understanding of the core principles that drive successful marketing strategies. This expertise allows Sisi to leverage innovative marketing techniques to enhance the visibility and desirability of the properties we manage.

Photography and travel are her greatest passions. Photography is her way of expressing creativity and capturing beautiful moments. Travel, on the other hand, is her way of broadening her horizons and exploring the world. Sisi is able to discover beauty and inspiration and incorporate them into her daily work and life.

Sisi is proud to be part of the Sole Agents team and along with the rest of the team has honed her skills in property management, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction and maximising rental returns. Sisi looks forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations and provide you with exceptional property management services that drive results.

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