8 Tips for Reducing your Energy Bills this Winter

Photo Source: https://www.energywise.govt.nz

20 July 2018

As temperatures drop, energy bills tend to rise. Here are some simple things you can do to save money on energy bills while making your home warmer and healthier.

Seal the Leaks

Air leaks are one of the key reasons for high energy bills.

1.Air leaks allow heat to escape and let the cold air in. So, one of the most effective tips for lowering your energy bills this winter is to seal your home’s air leaks. Some of the most common areas where you will find leaks are around windows, doors, in the attic, and in any and all places within the house with wiring and pipes. Find the gaps in and around these areas and seal them using caulk and weather strips and seals.

2.If you have a house that is of a more traditional design, you will probably have a fireplace. Nowadays, fireplaces are typically an aesthetic rather than a functional aspect of your home. You can greatly decrease the cold drafts in your house by sealing up your unused fireplace by, for example, filling the chimney cavity with old newspapers.

Hot Water Conservation

The energy demands of heating water are responsible for a large proportion of our energy costs. To lower your energy bills this winter, you will need to save on the expenses associated with heating water.

3.You can save a lot by setting the temperature of your hot water tank at around 120° Fahrenheit. Temperature settings higher than this will result in very high energy costs and can actually be dangerous as accidents involving scalding from hot water tanks can cause serious burns.

4.Reducing the amount of time spent showering also helps to conserve hot water. According to estimates on Energywise.gov.nz, a 15–minute shower can cost you around a dollar. Reducing your showering time to 5 minutes will bring the cost down to around 33 cents. This could end up saving a family of four almost $20 per week. That’s a saving of more than $900 in a year.

5.Using cold water to wash clothes is another great tip for lowering your energy bills this winter. You should only use hot water in exceptional circumstances so that you save as much hot water as you can.

Save on Heating

Reducing the amount of heating you need to stay warm in your home is another easy way to lower energy bills this winter.

6.Rather than turning up your heating, choose instead to put on an extra layer or a warmer jumper. Putting on extra layers of clothing is a much better way for you to warm up if you want to decrease energy costs in the winter months.

7.The heating pump that you have installed in your home shouldn’t be used excessively. Choose the model that suits the needs of your household and, ideally, keep it on a low setting. Setting the temperature higher on the thermostat will not warm up your house more quickly; it will only result in higher energy usage.

8.The final tip for lowering your energy bills this winter is to install additional or better insulation in your house. This will significantly reduce how much it costs you to heat your home. The government now offers a number of subsidies for insulation material to encourage residents to better insulate their houses and save energy. These subsidies can save homeowners hundreds in insulation costs.

Conserve Energy

These eight tips for lowering your energy bills this winter are all very easy to follow, but remember, it’s best to prepare for winter in advance so that you’re not caught off guard when the colder months arrive. Help yourself to stay warm for less this winter and try our tips.

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