Maximising rental income and reducing expenses

14 April 2024

A guide for property investors Getting a consistent and healthy return on your investment is crucial if you’re a property investor. It comes down to two main things: making the most of your rental income and controlling your spending. At Sole Agents, we recognise how critical it is to maximise the rental income from your […]

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Essential components of a tenancy agreement in New Zealand 2024

13 March 2024

In New Zealand, renting a property is a common practice, and to ensure a smooth and fair tenancy arrangement, a tenancy agreement is crucial. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, understanding what should be included in a tenancy agreement is essential. In this blog post, we’ll outline the key components that a tenancy agreement […]

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Ensuring Tenancy Contract Compliance: Addressing Breaches and Consequences

11 February 2024

Breaches of a tenancy agreement can occur due to various factors stemming from both tenants’ and landlords’ actions or circumstances. For tenants, breaches may occur due to financial difficulties, lack of awareness or understanding of the terms of the agreement, or negligence in fulfilling their responsibilities. Breaches of a tenancy agreement in New Zealand can […]

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A Guide to Dealing with Difficult Tenants and Conflict Resolution

tenancy dispute process

11 January 2024

Being a property manager is no cakewalk, especially when it comes to managing difficult tenants and resolving conflicts. In the world of property management, where personalities and situations can clash, the ability to handle disputes with finesse is an essential skill. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how property managers can effectively deal with difficult tenants […]

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Smart Choices: Cost-Effective and Sustainable Maintenance Approaches for Your Rental Property

13 December 2023

Owning a rental property entails certain responsibilities, and one of the most important aspects is maintenance. It’s crucial to keep your property in good condition while also being mindful of cost-effectiveness and sustainability. By implementing smart maintenance practices, you can not only save money but also contribute to a healthier environment. In this blog post, […]

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Property Systems and Benefits

14 November 2023

Property Management Systems (PMS) can bring several significant benefits to landlords who are paying for the services of a property manager. Here are some of the key advantages: Timely Rent Payments: Automating the rent collection process is a game-changer for landlords dependent on consistent cash flow. Property Management Systems streamline this crucial aspect, allowing landlords […]

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