Mould and Damp in Rental Properties

Dampness causes mould, and mould can cause health problems. Landlords are obligated to keep their rental homes free from mould, and cannot rent a property to occupants until mould and dampness problems have been addressed. Mould typically occurs when the gutters of the property fail, or pipes develop leaks. Poor ventilation, roof leaks, and ineffective insulation can also lead to mould.
Healthy Homes Standards Require Proper Drainage and Moisture Control
The Healthy Homes Standards dictate that all landlords must maintain working drainage and water removal system in their rental properties. All rental homes must have working gutters, downpipes, and drains to remove water from the roof. Enclosed subfloors must be protected by ground moisture barriers whenever it is reasonably practicable to do so.
Tenants Can Also Take Action to Prevent Mould
Rental home occupants must do their part to prevent the property from developing mould. Some of the steps they can take are as follows:
– Ventilate the home and open windows periodically, especially when cooking, drying clothes, or bathing.
– Cook with lids on pots.
– Use an electric heater, not portable gas (these units release water).
– Leave doors open whenever possible.
– When hanging clothes to dry, hang them outside.
– Condensation on walls and windows are a sign that a home is not properly ventilated. Wipe down walls and windows to remove      condensation. Landlords should be alerted to these problems so they can address them.
Mould Removal
One inexpensive option to remediate mouldy spaces is to spray the mould with white vinegar. Leave the vinegar in place for a few days, then use a clean sponge to wipe away mould. Other chemicals, like bleach and commercial mould cleaner, can also be used to remediate mould.
Mould is a health hazard. Wear respiratory protection, gloves, and eye protection when removing it from the walls.

Recurring mould could be a sign that the home’s drainage system or ventilation system is malfunctioning. Tenants must keep landlords informed of these problems to ensure that they can make the necessary repairs.


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